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You Really Can Get A Degree In Anything

The following are real college degrees from accredited institutions. Honest. You could not make this stuff up.

A Measure of Royal Influence

We've all heard the story describing the origin of the marathon: the Greek hero Pheidippides runs from the battlefield at Marathon all the way to Athens to announce to the Greek victory, dying promptly after delivering the news. And the distance from that battlefield to Athens? Not 26.2 miles.

A Whole New Meaning to "Down Under"

Coober Pedy, Australia, is the Opal Capital of the World. Yet that might not be its biggest claim to fame. What beats producing an estimated 70% of the world's opals?

Latest Book Review

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris is a masterpiece. (That's probably why it won a Pulitzer...) The smooth flow and colorful vocabulary make it a captivating and truly enjoyable story. It was fascinating as a historical narrative as well; I've read a number of books about TR, and this book was dense with facts new and interesting to me.