Our Favorite Tidbits

A Modern David and Goliath

The tallest human on record is Robert Wadlow, who, at his death at age 22, stood 8 feet 11 inches tall. His incredible height was the result of an enlarged pituitary gland, which caused his bones to grow rapidly and continuously. They grew so fast, in fact, that they outgrew his nerves, leaving his lower legs completely numb. It was this inability to feel his legs that did him in, ultimately - a cut on his ankle which he never felt became infected and eventually septic, killing him a few days later.

Ponder that the next time you can't reach something on the top shelf.

Rich Irony

A while ago I watched a very interesting History Channel documentary about Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States. During said documentary it was noted that Jackson was a staunch proponent of “hard currency,” i.e. gold. I therefore find it incredibly ironic that we honor him by putting his picture on the all-paper $20 bill.

Piece of Cake

The only way most people know how to make a cake today is using a mix from a box. The cake mix industry floundered during its infancy, however (almost falling flat!), for reasons that the manufacturers of the mixes simply could not identify. Psychologists eventually decided that the "just add water" approach to making a cake was just too simple, and that mid-20th-century women weren't buying them because making a cake by simply adding water just didn't feel like "real cooking".

The answer? Fresh eggs. Early mixes contained powdered eggs, which made it possible to produce cake batter by simply adding water. By removing the powdered eggs and requiring the use of fresh eggs, manufacturers were able to restore the sense of "real cooking" to out-of-the-box cake baking.

And you thought eggs were just a good source of protein.

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