How Buffalo Bill Won the Right to His Name

Everyone knows the name "Buffalo Bill" Cody, but how did this former member of the Pony Express get his moniker?

At the age of 21, Cody was already a seasoned plainsman and sharp shooter. He got a job with the Kansas Pacific Railroad, hunting buffalo to feed the workers. According to Cody's own calculations, he hunted and killed over 4,000 buffalo in just under 18 months.

Legend has it that Cody met up with a man named William Comstock, who was also a career buffalo hunter, and who had laid claim to the title "Buffalo Bill". Cody, who had also been using the name, challenged Comstock to a shootout. The winner would earn the right to call himself "Buffalo Bill".

The shootout apparently lasted eight hours, with Cody victorious. Since then, the title "Buffalo Bill" has been synonymous with William F. Cody.

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