I Bet *That* Place is Haunted

What do you do if you are fighting a civil war and the estate of the rebellion's most prominent general is only a short distance from your nation's capitol? You take possession of his estate, of course.

What do you do if you are fighting a civil war and bodies are piling up near your nation's capitol? You create a cemetery, of course.

And therein lies the origin of Arlington National Cemetery.

Robert E. Lee's estate, which lies across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., was acquired by the United States government when it was put up for auction due to delinquent taxes. Shortly thereafter it was turned into a national cemetery to accommodate the mounting number of soliders dying in the war. Don't think that this was purely a design of convenience, however... the first soldiers interred at the cemetery were later exhumed and re-interred next to the Lee mansion to ensure that it would never be habitable again.

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