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You Really Can Get A Degree In Anything

The following are real college degrees from accredited institutions. Honest. You could not make this stuff up.

A Measure of Royal Influence

We've all heard the story describing the origin of the marathon: the Greek hero Pheidippides runs from the battlefield at Marathon all the way to Athens to announce to the Greek victory, dying promptly after delivering the news. And the distance from that battlefield to Athens? Not 26.2 miles.

A Whole New Meaning to "Down Under"

Coober Pedy, Australia, is the Opal Capital of the World. Yet that might not be its biggest claim to fame. What beats producing an estimated 70% of the world's opals?

I Bet *That* Place is Haunted

What do you do if you are fighting a civil war and the estate of the rebellion's most prominent general is only a short distance from your nation's capitol?

I'd Like to Go Swimming in That Volcano

True or false: it is possible for a lake to exist at the top of a mountain with no streams running into or out of it.

Girl Scout cookies vs calendars

"Girl Scout Cookies were sold annually by local councils around the country until World War II, when sugar, flour, and butter shortages led Girl Scouts to begin selling Girl Scout calendars to rais

Upside Down Glasses

Wear glasses that turn everything upside down for a while, and your brain will eventually turn the picture right-side up.

I Would Dance for Cake

Slaves on Southern plantations had "cakewalk" contests, where contestants would line up side-by-side, facing a cake on a table, and do a dance - backs arched, high-stepping - to a tune with a highl

How Buffalo Bill Won the Right to His Name

Everyone knows the name "Buffalo Bill" Cody, but how did this former member of the Pony Express get his moniker?

Blue Genes

What do you get when you combine a French orphan with a genetic defect and an isolated mountain region of Kentucky?

Blue people.