Latest Tidbits

A Real Breath of Fresh Air

Charles “Swede” Momsen made a number of significant contributions to the United States Navy during his decorated (if contentious) 40 year career.

Tastes Like Meat-Flavored Hair

The amino acid L-cysteine has a number of uses. It is used in the production of artificial meat flavors, as well as in leavening agents for baked goods.

Why the In-laws Are More Important Than You Think

According to The Birth Order Book, marriages between first-borns and last-borns are most likely to succeed. Why? According to the author, Dr.

Floating on Thin Water

Quick, name the continent that would shrink by about 20% if global temperatures rose a few degrees.

No, not Australia... Antarctica.

Your Money is No Good Here

I discovered the hard way recently that you have to have a real credit card – not a bank card, but a real, old fashioned, not-constrained-by-silly-real-money credit card – in order to rent a car.


The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation estimates that there is enough space left at the Central Landfill in Johnston, RI for another 21 years of trash.

Rethink Yourself Over Breakfast

It was long believed that nothing could live in the human stomach, given how (intentionally) inhospitable it is.

Turning the World Upside Down

Why is north up?

Why is Africa in the middle of every world map?

There's no reason, really. It's totally arbitrary.

But are They Good for Ice Fishing?

A National Geographic documentary I watched recently included a short segment on ice worms that live in and around Denali National Park in Alaska. These worms live in - literally in - the glaciers, coming to the surface only at night and in the early morning while temperatures are still low.

Faster is not Always Better.

After some research on speed reading, I started reading with my bookmark held under each line to better guide my eyes.