Latest Tidbits

A Cure for Hospital Bills.

If you ever find yourself with a large hospital bill, you can likely reduce the (financial) damages by offering to pay a portion of it ASAP.

One Size (Needle) Does not Fit All

Here's another reminder that things are rarely as simple as they seem.

I received an anesthetic via IV not long ago, and when I commented that I had recently overcome my fear of needles - thanks to a seemingly endless stream of blood draws - the doctor informed me that he would be using a very small, "pediatric" needle, much smaller than those used to draw blood, and that I would hardly feel a thing.

Piece of Cake

The only way most people know how to make a cake today is using a mix from a box. The cake mix industry floundered during its infancy, however (almost falling flat!), for reasons that the manufacturers of the mixes simply could not identify. Psychologists eventually decided that the "just add water" approach to making a cake was just too simple, and that mid-20th-century women weren't buying them because making a cake by simply adding water just didn't feel like "real cooking".

A Royal Paine

Quick, name the famous American patriot who was born in England, drank heavily, was an unabashed agnostic, came to America intentionally to work as a political rabble-rouser, later tried to overthr

Rich Irony

A while ago I watched a very interesting History Channel documentary about Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States.

A Two Word, Two Letter Tiny Tidbit Two-fer

The only two words in the English language with three consecutive doubled letters – at least as far as I've been able to find – are bookkeeper and hookkeeper.

That Depends on What 'Is' Is

The longest introduction of a guest ever delivered by Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show was his 3 minute and 48 second prelude to Bill Clinton's famous appearance on July 28th, 1998.

The Eyes Have It

Eyes are a remarkable example of the power of evolution by natural selection. A recent Science Channel documentary asserted that the genes controlling eye development are essentially the same across all animals – fish, birds, humans, everything. Further, a recent article in Scientific American stated that our ability to see three wavelengths of color – vs. the two wavelengths that most animals see – is due to the mutation of a mere 3 chromosomes.

Sticky Water

Question: What does water stick to?

On the Write Path

According to his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin honed his writing skill using the following method:

  1. When he read a newspaper article he liked, he would take notes about and/or outline the content of the article.
  2. He would then set the article and his notes aside for a few weeks so that he would forget everything about them.
  3. After the article had been sufficiently forgotten, he would review his notes and re-write the article in his own words.
  4. He would then compare his version of the article with the original.