A Whole New Meaning to "Down Under"

Coober Pedy, Australia, is the Opal Capital of the World. Yet that might not be its biggest claim to fame. What beats producing an estimated 70% of the world's opals? Most of Coober Pedy is underground.

Yes, that's right, underground. The opal fields are inconveniently located in the deserts of southern Australia, where the daytime temperatue regularly exceeds 100 degrees Farenheit and rainfall averages five inches a year. So, to beat the heat, miners set up shop underground. Coober Pedy is now a fully functional town of some 1,700 people... living underground.

The fun doesn't end there though. Coober Pedy's golf course features nighttime golf played with glowing golf balls. It's too hot to play golf during the day in the desert, after all. Oh, and the golf course is grassless. Desert, remember?

Most of all, though, I think the name is fun. Just saying it makes me want to laugh. Try it... Coober Pedy, Coober Pedy, Coober Pedy! Are you smiling yet?

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