On the Write Path

According to his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin honed his writing skill using the following method:

  1. When he read a newspaper article he liked, he would take notes about and/or outline the content of the article.
  2. He would then set the article and his notes aside for a few weeks so that he would forget everything about them.
  3. After the article had been sufficiently forgotten, he would review his notes and re-write the article in his own words.
  4. He would then compare his version of the article with the original.

If he didn't like his version of the article as much or more than the original, he would repeat steps 3 and 4 until he did.

This seems like a pretty good recipe to improve your skill at anything. I've certainly employed this method with food - eat it at a restaurant, cook it at home, eat it at the restaurant again, cook it at home again... :)

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